All prices are based on a yearly subscription.

All prices are based on a yearly subscription.


If you buy two years of any subscription the third year is free.

You may Buy the „Virtual house” version or the stand alone version which will sit on your website in the stand alone version a logo could be added designed by us for a reasonable cost or if you already have a logo we we will insert it for you.  The „Virtual house” version and the stand alone version for the Simple Booking System are the same price which is 21 CAD , which is 12 Euro, which is 4500 Ft.

Each booking system 90 day trail with no obligation to buy.


Booking System Simple


Who is it good for?

Busy people to stay in touch with their friends


Number of booking systems: 1


What is asked  before a booking can be made:

email, first name and user name

not part of another booking system  Just a stand alone for a customer it costs: Yearly 6,000 Ft, which is 19 Euro, which is 29 CAD


note: you can add this booking system to any other booking systems than it only costs : 12 Euro a year, which is 4,500 Ft, which is 21 CAD


This version can work  together with the standard version in the virtual house so that the trades person can manage his social life as well.The available times can be set so that his or her frined can not make appointments within business hours.  This inculdes making permissions for their friends on weekends.  For example the trades person likes to go sailing at every Saturday between June 4th and September 26th from 6am to 2pm.  So tehre is a place for the user to put in a hobby or two what he or she likes to do for themselves and that time is not available for their business people or their friends.


Discounts and specials:


When the standard and the simple  booking systems are purchased at the same time than they get the simple booking system for ½ price.


If the user sends us three customers, then they get their Simple booking system for free for as long as the other customers are buying product from us.


Customization of booking system:  Let’s say you want to add a feature we do not have.  Depending what it is, if we like the idea, we will create it and give you yours for free.


If we don’t think we can use it, then we will charge you a very small fee to put it in if it is not too complicated.


Custom Graphics: All graphics are done by a company called Pixel Mix out of Hungary.  If things are done in English they will be properly translated  Many translators say they can translate but most cannot.


If you need something more elaborate than just a few words then we have our own translator and you can just contact her directly. We use her because she was Born in Austria, is married to a Hungarian and her father is English.

note to the translator: simple booking system is the name in english

You may make an appointment with her at

English booking system name

Hungarian booking system name

German booking system name


Kati – we will be giving you three booking systems.  One in each language.  The data bases will be connected so that if someone make an appointment with you for Monday at 3 to go to an office, no one else can book you for another 3 hours.


I will let you know where  they will be located. We will be creating a Virtual house in Budapest before the year is out  and I will list your Automotive garasge in that house as well.




Booking System Standard

Part of the Virtual house

Who is it good for?

cost 35 Euro/year   which will be sold for 45.00 CAD and  9900 forint/year

most economical cost buy 2 years get 3rd for free  70 Euro divided by 3 = cost per year 23.34 Euro

23.34 Euro divided by 365 days of the year = cost per day is less than 7 cents per day


Allows people to  make multiple appointments with you

and other trades people at the same time. It has it’s own management system

which allows you to send messages  to your customers directly

most economical cost buy 2 years get 3rd for free  70 divide by 3 = 23.45 Euro/year    is 30.00 CAD    or    7,000 forint


which is 23 Euro divided by 365 days of the year is the cost per day  Less then 7 cents/day

30.00 CAD a year is 0.08 cents a day, 7000 forint a year is Less than 20 Ft per day

Now if you send us 3 paying customers you can get a coupon to cut these costs in half













Booking System Pro


One language

costs 100 Euro a year.

most economical cost buy 2 years get 3rd for free  200 Euro divided by 3 = cost per year 67 Euro.  67.- Euro divided by 365 days of the year = cost per day is less than 19 cents per day



It includes :

A pro-version of the booking system SHOWS

includes statistics on  all the customers

  1. How far they live from you
  2. How many times  they asked for estimates
  3. How many times they asked for work to be done
  4. How many paid you
  5. What is still due
  6. What jobs still have to be finished
  7. Which jobs are waiting for parts
  8. Do they have parking
  9. Do they have animals that bite
  10. Is there a gate code
  11. Is the key available
  12. Keeps track of calls made to clients and clients who make calls to you
  13. Referals within the virtual house and who sent them
  14. How much time  the system saved you
  15. How many booking systems were sold with a referral from you.


Also  a series of timers which will help them and their families cost with the times they need  to save to get  more things done. A contact management system is this not the same as the letter?



Pro plus

everything the pro has except

two languages, informing your customers that you are or are or are not available  to pick up your telephone line.

Cost 150,- euro a year

most economical cost buy 2 years get 3rd for free  300 Euro divided by 3 = cost per year 100 Euro.  100.- Euro divided by 365 days of the year = cost per day is less than 28 cents per day


You must buy your own telephone line

U get the contact management system and The Central command Centre pro (for pro, pro plus and supreme or ultimate versions)

You can also forward your Mobile phone to it, so which is then emailed to you.


You call  call confirm this and that we need to make a list this also  includes internal messaging and international calling warnings if you are calling too early or two late.