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I started a photographic company when I was 14 years old  and ended up doing fashion photography for 25 years.  I even had my own darkroom and developed all my own prints and films.

I ended up working for some police agencies in the U.S.  because I merged with a  Company that got Military Intelligence contracts from the Americans. THE WORK WAS VERY DANGEROUS BUT THE MONEY WAS VERY GOOD. We even had our own aircraft to fly over Columbia to photograph the poppy fields. That was before drones.

After a few close calls, I decided that I would go back to the fashion world  and ended up creating all kinds of professional photographic Equipment with my partner using lots of Electronics. He was an Electronics and Electrical Engineer  and designed all the telecommunications for all the police organizations.  So I went back to school to Take electronics and I had so many job  offers, that when I got out of school,  I decided not to go back to my company. But we had one of the best photo studios in Toronto, with some of the best hair stylists and make up artists in the business.  Our Mandate was simple.  Give excellent service, deliver an excellent product for a reasoable price and make sure every customer is happy when they walk out the door.  a happy customer is always a return customer. 


History of the Songs


I didn’t always have a song.  One day a friend of mine came over who brought his guitar and told me that now that  I am a FAMOUS HANDYMAN,  I should have a jingle.  But  How do you make one??? I never made one before.  He told me he have to get the CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING SO... WE DRANK WHAT EVERY CANADIAN DRINKS.  Beer!!!


Then he made up some song on his guitar and then we had to put words to it.  For me, that was easy.  I have been writing poetry for years never even realizing that music could be put it it.  As we drank more and more,  the song got funnier and funnier.  Or so I thought.  I had a song so  funny that I was crying; I was laughing so hard.  Then re corded it on a cheap tape recorder.  But then what to do with the song???


I decided to call up all the radio stations in Canada, some 200 of them and  played my silly song  on their voice mails hoping that one might air it and call me in for an interview.  All I can tell you is everyone  loved it and soon I was on almost every single radio station. Soon even with my own show.  To make a longer story short,  I was approached  by CHOW RADIO AND ENERGY 108 who told me that they would make me really really famous if I cut the song professionally.  And I allow them to use my song royalty free for promotions etc. It took me about 1 second to decide and then that also changed my life for ever.

(who knew you had to hire unionized people to play your music in a studio?)


I was later approached  by all kinds of people who wanted me to sing their diaper commercials and all kinds of stuff but because I loved doing LES THE HANDYMAN  so much, I turned everyone down.  Later I did a guy a favour who happened to be a country western singer in Canada, but I didn’t know it at the time and He told me that he loves my song, but as a gift to me he will make a new one with my permission.


Again it took me about 1 second to decide hence the new Les the Handyman song is pretty good too and I use it as my new song.  Then later Weird Al’s song said it all when he created a handyman song which I loved and you can hear all three on the phone.  On my voice mail system.


I still help my customers in Toronto even though I am not longer there.  I came to Europe to Help my 95 Year old dad with things and have launched my new Les the Handyman, VIRTUAL HOUSE!  Click around, and make a booking with me and get a free  booking system for one year.  You will love it!  Please register after you have made the booking.   IF you want to talk, BookMEin.net and don't forget to resister after you have made a booking. It is EASY and fast.


People think I am a genius and after they tested me, I told them that IQ is not enough, that "EQ EMOTIONAL IQ"  was necessary.  They looked at me and thought I was nuts.  About 8 years later, we now have emotional IQ. I came up with the idea because if you are not emotionally sound, how can you use your SMARTS to their full potential?  Anyway, after going to a MENSA  meeting and proposing that we fix the world problems for $100/problem so we can fund a new web site I would design for them, as a gesture for friendship with the rest of the world, they looked at me like I was on drugs.  So I left them; never to turn back.


If you are stuck with a problem that no one can figure out.  Contact me!

I use my own booking system, which I designed, which saves me about 60 days of time a year so I can create other things to make the world a better place.


You just have to believe that almost anything  is possible.  If you believe that, than things will happen.  I can't explain it better than that.  If you have an idea that everything things may be a "little crazy," don't let anyone tell you not to make it reality.  try it and keep working on it. In time, things will happen.  Is it skill?  NO!  it is luck.  I believe it!!  90% luck  5 % skill, and that is only when the universe is aligned, the right way.


When I came up with  the idea of the "Cradle Snatcher;" an "off the wall tow truck," it needed the right mix to make it work.  You need to find that mix.  I was lucky!  I had a father who was an engineer of new product development for a company who was starving for new ideas. We made my idea out of wood first, then presented it to the owner of the company who loved it, then we made a..... find out what happened on this site.


Have a listen to the songs which made me famous and the one Weird Al did at

416 484 4611 and if you are in Europe you can all  +361 445 4349




My Uncle, who lived in New York,  was an interesting man.  He was married to My aunt Who was a fashion designer  at Givenchi. (I met him a few times - I did some fashion photography for Mr. Givenchi.  He was an interesting man. ) Anyway my uncle  John taught at Cornell University  and had an animation business on the side, where he filmed his moving characters.   And talking sandwiches.  This was before computers and animation software.   I got interested in film at an early age but it was a complex hobby and thanks to the digital age , it has made things simpler.  I showed my Uncle my work and he told me to keep working on it and also told be if I can figure out a way to keep people in the theater when the credits are rolling, this would be great because the audience always leaves during this time.  So I created a series of cool things that he liked but one day I wanted to give up and he told me this story.


There was a kid who kept coming to his  classes , when he finished begging my Uncle to see his work.  John told me that everyone wanted him to look at their work so he was not paticularly interested in this kid either but he kept waiting for him at the end of his classes.  One day he let his class out early and there he was again and John said:  OK I will take  a look.


John told me it was the best thing he had ever seen, and the Jid asked him what he thought.  My Uncle John told him to continue but John told me that this guy would probably  have succeeded anyway.  Who was the kid???? That’s right!!! Spielberg!


I am in no way slose to the Speilburgs caliber but I have some pretty good ideas and I am good at marketing and I have comibid my skills   I have create some shirt firms  but then I ended up doing a little acting and was in a few films with my cousin who was  an Oscar winner.  He won the Oscar many years ago for a role  for Best major actor in a foreign film or something like that.


He and I were best friends and we had lots of fun together until his death ion 2006.  I will miss him.  His name was Bubik Istvan and I was in about 8 or none firms 3 with him. I did them for free as a hoot but I don’t think I would make a full time profession  out of it.  It is a hard life.


Graphic Design/Artist


I have to say I am not much of an artist even though my parents sent me to OCA (Ontario College of Art)  the other student were must more gifted than I was  and I was able to explain myself to them to get the desired result.  I also learned how to sculpt, and when my parents sent me to Venice to learn how to blow glass, that was amazing.  Those pro’s make it look easy.  It really  is not that  easy but I did end up making some unusual things.  I learned how to do many thing because they found out I had a nearly photographic memory and although it was good for many things.  I don’t think art was one of them.


But I am sure that it helped me create the cools things I create today like this wed site which I created with a Hungarian Graphic artist who loves to work together with me as I do with him because for whatever reason, we are on the same page and we are able to create wondrous things for ourselves and other people.


You can see how my little knowledge of art has helped me create some great booking systems but if you have an idea on how I can make my booking systems better, please  let me know.


We create one line appointment systems which are easy to use, ans very very easy on your budget.


We create easy to navigate web sites that get your message across which are also inexpensive


We Do all kinds of Graphics, fast and cheap because we love what we do


We also make fun and creative voice mail systems which are fun to use and entertain the customers.  We can make serious ones too but if you like us create something a little different, we will give you a 10% discount.


We also give away our virtual houses.  Click here for further information




I know what works and I have a great team now to explain what is needed and along with their ideas and creativity, we come up with truly entertaining and informative web sites which  dazzle the mind. Please look at some of our creations  and  click on the button below if you would like us to give you an estimate on creating a web site for you.  We guarantee your customers will like it. Also if you have a product we think we might like to sell, we might do your web site for free in exchange for a percentage of the sales,  If you are interested in that, please let us know  and make an appointment with us to talk. Please remember of you are contacting us from Canada, then we are 7 hours ahead of you .

We are located in Hungary and Austria

On skype: hungarianhandyman      or    Make an appoin tment with me to talk at www.bookMEin.net