This is me 10 years ago puting up tile.

I helped out the Hungarian police doing English Hungarian Translation

This is me fixing a Gate in Toronto and then preparing to fix a crack in the customers driveway

I think I was 43 here  and here I was 30, sailing with a co-worker in his ketch

Doing some simple gradening, I actually know how to plant things

My cousin was an oscar winner in Hungary and every time I came to visit him, they put me in his films.

It was nice when I had to learn my lines and it was also fun being in the promo picture with the other famous actors

I gave my time freely  to help others in construction and this was the group I was assigned to  help


Designers hired me and told me  to make it with out much of a plan, because they knew it would look great when it was finished.  I said I could modify the pergola and replace the wood with a new type of plastic and she said: Go ahead,,,

My truck in Canada and the back of the truck .

Cutting the plastic wood and measuring before the cut.  i will not be able to bring these tools as they are too heavy.  So if you want to make some nice things, you will have to buy some tools.

This was a picture before my famous cosuin died.  He was an Oscar winner.  He was on the far left

Here riding a bike I designed and had built.  I did most of the electronics    And a little about my family when you click on the



  helmets    family  and me dressed up a little.