Why web booking?

How Far will I go?

If the EZBookingSystem does not work, then click here (help@callRightNow.com) and give me 3 dates and times when you are available with your name phone numbers and address and what you need to have done.  I will get back to you, usually the same day.

Les, do you carry screws?

Little jobs is most of what I do.





You still want a

Free estimate  OK Click here


I Have a background in Hospitality and interior design from Ryerson as well

as an ongoing relationship with Seneca  in Interior design.

Over 30 years in business

I show up on time,

Call if I have to be late

Do not touch what I do not know

Refer to others what I cannot do (like organize)

Clean up with my own vacuum cleaner

Have a mini Home Depot on wheels

Have almost every tool known to man or women and I know how to use them.

 How far will I go?   


I charge  75.00/hr for my time plus expenses (screws, nails whatever) plus parking or tickets if I get them if you have one of those places where you can't park anywhere.  My truck is 8ft tall so it will not fit underground in most cases.


The time starts when I arrive at the building  and stops when I have finished putting all my tools away.

The closer my truck is to your door, the faster I can get your job done as I may have to go to my truck from time to time to get things.  If you  are in a condo, you can arrange parking in your loading bay. But this is something you must do.

Should you have additional questions.  Click here.

I am a one man show.  I have create all on the internet to serve you, my customer because that is what business I am in.  The service business.  If you need anything at all, even if it is not handyman related, let me know.  I am well connected in Toronto.  For instance, if you are having a party and need help to clean up your place, call me or go to my web site for a cleaning person (s)  or you are behind in Your GST PAYMENTS I can send you a bookkeeper to straighten out your clutter.


Please tell me how I can make my  we site more friendly, easier or whatever. 


I am Les the Handyman  and I live for my customers.