As you can imagine, things are hard to find around here  like parts and materials.  For those of you who need  materials, I suggest6 you buy them  after we have talked and after you have send a few pictures to me  so I can take a look at  the repair to see if I can do it.


When it comes to the adjustment of European cabnet hingers, there are literally thousands of them.  Full, over lay. 1/4 overlay and full overlay  and I don't expect you to know what that means because in each of thoses there the sifferent degrees on how the door opens and  how it is adjusted,  In  Canada, it was easy.  I know where to go and  people understood what I needed.  Here it is like talking to a ginnea pig.  Because  many of the people in the stores who are selling the stuff, have no idea what they are doing.  So Let me see and then  I will send you back an email if you need anything.




If you rent the place, I need permission from the owner before I drill into the wall.

What type of material is the wall made from?

What am I hanging on it?

All determine what kind of hardware I will need. 

I have 30,000 different types in Hungary where  I brought a container over to make sure I have all the goodies but I am experimenting now and I will have to make due with what is here but I can explain to you exactly what I need.

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