I enjoy life because I know how easily someone can take it away

I love Halloween, and we, as Canadians love it.  I didn't realize it , until I came to Europe to live, How lucky we really are.


A motor cycle I bought in the 70's these bikes were cool and ran well

I had 3 of them.  Two with a side car  and one of those left  over from WWII and the other two were just cool.  This was one of them.  I already had my motorcycle license when I was 16 years old.


this was not my bike.  It was a Friend of a friend of mine

I had a friend of mine who started out as a tenant and then became a good friend and this was his place in the wilderness.

But I already got into it.  As I learned from the Ojibwa Indians just which trees where good for what and how to cut them down with an axe or a chainsaw.



There is nothing like a big fire to warm the soul

Camping in the wilderness of Canada


I love Halloween, and there is nothing like the fun we have in  Canada

I was invited by a friend of mine to my immediate left.  She was one of two identical twins from the Ukraine.


Before Pirates of the Caribbean,  I went to rent a costume, but there was nothing left.

  I was too late.  But there was this jacket, a hat, a parrot and some other stuff and I made my own costume and with the help of some movie makeup artists, it turned out great; don't you think?

There is something about looking in the mirror, not recognizing yourself

I went to a party and  no done knew who I was until I opened my mouth.  it was lots of fun.

I won first, 2nd and 3rd prize.  Cool eh?


And Back to work again as Les the Handyman



I was always building something interesting and  my customers liked my work because it was more creative than the other people.

I created large drawers under decks so people didn't need separate sheds, Places for garden furniture,  pool stuff , bbq stuff  and even gardening stuff.


 I showed up when I said I was going to show up and I cleaned up after each day using my own vacuum cleaner.


I went to a customers place in this case they designed which rtiles they wanted where ans I cut them and gluded them to the wall.  It turned out pretty well didn't it. 

I created  the solar trailer and the external power supply because the range of the bicycle was too poor.  After the modification, I was able to go further.  It was great.


I did some work for the Hungarian Police as a translator and I did it for free.  Yes free.

Well, it was not supposed to be free but it took the police 5 years to pay.  I told them not to worry about it.

When I was younger,  I did a little work for  some of the police agencies.  You have to buy the book to find out what I did for them.  Also other agencies with 3 letters.  I used to have an FBI jacket  and a CIA one too  but I have no idea where they went.  Plus I would  have only worn these while I was out on the job.  I am no longer doing anything now.  I have to admit, since I have seen the show the black list, I have been quite entertained.


Like every other Canadian we liked gong to Cuba and Dominican Republic.  I was no different.  And I always loved photography.  I used to shoot models and worked for all the top agencies in Toronto.  I even work for Givinchi in New York.  Mr. Givenchi was an interesting man  who was a true workaholic. 

I met him a few times and my Aunt was Edit Gati, one of his best designers, I have a picture of her and my mom who was a Vogue Model for a short period of time.

When I was a kid.  Around  14 I think, my aunt took me around to meet all the famous designers.  I even met Mr. Gucci.    When I was a kid a Gucci belt was  U.S. 300.00 about $2000.00 I guess today.  I just think it was outragous and I met his son who really was not interested in taking his fathers business over.


It was a very long time ago.  I am 60 now so  it was more than 40 years ago, but it was one of the most interesting few days in my life and my aunt Made it happen.  Including the job I got shooting some models for Givenchy.  I really should have had my picture taken with these people.  I didn't really realize just how favous they all were, but it really didn't matter so much to me.  We traveled in different circles any way and selfies were not invented yet.  This was the only picture I could find of him.  I met him when he was  much younger in his New York office.


Later in Life aroud 32 years old, I became Les the Handyman  and it was the best ride of my life, almost 30 years for fixing things for other people.    The  web site I used  was www.CallRightNow.com

this other one on the truck was for the European version should I ever see it become reality.



I did my own photography too and had my own darkroom where I could make my own prints

I loved to sail and went out every chance I got.  Here I was out with my best friend in Cleveland when I was doing clinical engineering for Metro Heath Medical center and the Cleveland Clinic.  He was also my boss but became a very good friend.  We built all kinds of things to help people with mobility problems.  You can go to my Clinical engineering page.





Buying stuff for my Handyman Business in Canada

This is what I looked like when I was in my first Movie with Bubik Istvan.  My cousin.  The movie was called Istalo and Eppy was in that movie too.

I played a German Tourist in that movie. 

I practiced my lines with a cute actor who was lots of fun to be with.

My cosuin

the guy with the whip in his mouth is actually an oscar Winner

Képtalálat a következőre: „oscar 2003 statue”

Shocking EH?


I had lots of fun here and I always have my memories of the fun things we did . 

The 3rd guy after me was  a an Oscar winner and my cousin,  Within 5 years of this picture, he died in a car crash.  But I have lots of Video of the silly things we did together and the movies I was in with him.


I got together with the family


I loved to go out with my cousins and be silly.

Boy I lost a lot of weight since then

People say I look much better without my mustache.  What do you think?

I started developing  my own softwware  because I wanted to serve my customers even better, and ensure that my competition could not keep up ad many were trying to ride on my "coat tails."

So I created the Perfect Business system for myself

and this system saved me a total of 177 days worth of time a year.

No software program has ever come close since then

Here were the old demos I made for it when I was selling them in Canada.

They are good but a little outdated. One day I will make new ones

as it is also my hobby to improve everything I have already created.


The on-line Booking Module

Play Movie one and don't forget to turn on your speakers.



The Basic Business Module

 when purchased, as an add on to the package above, you will have  a pretty incredible small business management  system 




cisco systewms alsmost bought me out. and I alsomost closed Les the Handyman for good.

I started downsizing because Cisco Systems wanted to buy my software and me too.  In the end. I told them I am not for sale.




Here I am explaining the graphics I wanted for a sign I wanted.

For a Good Time



I helped out all the causes I could like this one.

I saw many things which were not built propertly and I made faces at those things.

I designed and built many cool things to  make myself as efficienty as possible, even though I was charging by the hour, I just hated wasting time.


I customer didn't want a price to do their work, they just wanted me to do it and I did and they were always pleased with the results


This was the front of my truck in Toronto. It has a 5 liter engine in it and I dragged around 10 tons of tools and screws all the time I will show you inside which has one of the most sophisticated  paging alarms in the world.  I did not design it.  One of the few things I did not hahaheheh I was so happy if I could just buy something off the shelf.  But most of my life in going to a shop and having something made.  


You have to call one of my numbers to Hear the Les the Handyman Songs

for Canada 416 484 4611   and

for Holland  +31 10 669-0428


I was one of the first to have a computer and printer in his truck



Here I am working with  n New product called  TREX.  A wood and plastic combination.  Once so see the end resault, you will see how amazing this stuff looks.

I made some heavy duty decks  but here in Europe the quality is even better.









this was the last picture of THE BUBIK BROHERS, as we liked to call ourselves eventhough we were not brothers.  I was an only child.  Can you tell?



When the garbage people went on Strike in Canada many years ago, there was lots of extra business  for me. 

The sign on the back of the trailer says"

I owe, I owe, so off  to work i go!


I designed this trailer and with a friend modified it  so I could carry my bicycles, My motorcycle, when I went out for some leasure.   And  my car could pull it too.    Anyway.... I am leading a much simpler life now.


I carried  ocer 3,000 different types of screws and  hardware along with basic mouildings, basboards and even pressure treated 2x4's for fixing gates.

I worked hard but I also played hard and went out bike riding with my friends

I love to ride the bicycle I created.  I designed it and had a bike builder make it for me because I don't want what every body else has. I like to be different.

I did not design this one  I just made it look a little better by putting on some fancier tires, a cool rack in the back and  a nice bike amplifier in the front so I can listen to tunes. 

Moto cross in the Dominican Republic


I was in a few films in Hungary because my cousin was a Oscar winner and every time I showed up my cousin was always doimf a film.  We had lots of fun and I have been in a few films too.


this is what I look like and I get dressed up

Some Hungarian get jealous of me because I do so much  my I am quite different that most people.  I have a genetic defect.  An extra y Chromosome which  makes me a very driven person who does not sleep very much.  Anyone can do anything they want, but they also need to take the first step.  If you don't you will never go anywhere.


Fathers inventions



My Clinical Engineering


My first cool Virtual house









I regret ever having created that thing with my dad.  I came up with the ideas, my dad designed it and we fabricated  it.

Here you can see the history of it and the other things my dad designed as well.

http://bubik.powweb.com/lesliebubik/           new site


http://www.i-hate-computers.ca/hobbies/engineer.htm         old site



Leslie Charles Paul Richard Edward Bubik Pletl Von Lichtenberg

I am a descendant of the Lichtenberg clan of Europe

Also of the Pletl and Platl Clans who changed the spelling of their names when they entered Hungary in the 1700's

Georg Christoph Platl, 1573 and Hans Platl von Lichtenberg, Archbishop of Brunn, 1646

What you do in life echoes in eternity

li     Image result for Lichtenberg Coat Of Arms.png



Image result for Lichtenberg Coat Of Arms.png

Coat of arms of borough Lichtenberg


File:Coat of arms of Mgr Laurent de Lichtenberg.svg

Coat of arms of Mgr Laurent de Lichtenberg


Image result for Lichtenberg Coat Of Arms.png

Blason du comté de Hanau-Lichtenberg


Lichtenberg, Austria  Image result for Lichtenberg Coat Of Arms.png




Image result for Lichtenberg Coat Of Arms.png

Principality of Lichtenberg



Wappen der Herren von Lichtenberg, 15. Jahrhundert. (GLAK 67/1057 S. 68)















Stadtgeschichte Foto: Institut für Realienkunde des Mittelalters und der frühen Neuzeit, Peter Böttcher. Courtesy of Museum Lauriacum.



This clan was powerful, but was it the cjicken leg that scrared the hell out of the locals.  I wonder.


All the castles my family owned 600  - 1000 years ago

Click on  the crests.