me today   and me then  

Here is the first one  I designed  the concept for  when I was 17 years old and  we built one to see how it would work and tested it

Here the demo proved you could take a car out of a parked place between who other cars. 


Then we added a little colour and sparkle

After changed the towing industry forever, worldwide.

The sales team wanted nicer colours.

then my dad designed  all kinds of variations to it.

We figured we didn't need the boom  over the top

We were the first to figure out how to tow cars by the wheels.

It was the only tow truck which could tow a motorcycle without damaging it.

My father made all kinds of improvements over the years and then they started to get bigger and fancier, to tow bigger things.

I was involved in the process to figure out how to tow two cars at time. It didn't take long before we came up with this. The the LIFT AND GO WAS BORN



My dad figured out how to tow two cards at the same time

Vulcan was the first




Then the Canadian Military contacts us to create a military version.


I remember one year Germany did a study of the four best products in the world; one was mine, one was my dad's and you can see the other two here below:


Eventually they were even selling in Japan.

When I was around  24 years old,  I was asked to figure out a way to transport goods from one place to another. The truck which did the lifting had to be small, but also had to be able to carry something bigger, if need be.

In 14 seconds I already had the basic idea.


You see them everywhere now. But we were the first. And then they got bigger too and our military wanted those too. The other militaries too.

THEN i STARTED DEVELOPING SOFTWARE REALIZING THAT  i NEEDED TO ACCOMPLISH MORE THINGS IN MY LIFE.  MUCH MORE.  So I started to study the was businesses work and interect with each other.  And the fact that I REALLY HATED COMPUTERS AND PROGRAMMING.  


We transformed the way military hospitals and other things were moved around. One truck could move units around; literally a moving city, one or two units at a time. Cool, eh?

My dad retired after this last project. I think they sold it to another company before my dad retired.  He  moved back to Hungary soon after.



I created Les the Handyman and was the only Handyman in the world with a 6 figure income




And I was the first handyman in the world who had his own booking system on line

And also the first who created  many other things too.


In 1996 some came to me as asked me if there was a better way to put a bicycle onto the roof of a car without killing your back. 

It took 20 seconds  to figure it out and it took an afternoon to make the prototype out of wood with my dad.  It took two years to get a U.S. PATENT AND IT TOOK ANOTHER  FOUR TO GO INTO PRODUCTION

these version below are manufactured units

In 1996

Designed the Handy Hoist

Funny really.... It lifts by the tires too

Just like the tow truck


Hang the bicycle into the pins


Secure the frame of the bike, with special sliding clamp

Lift the bike which is pivoting on the car.  The more you lift, the lighter it becomes as the weight is transferred to the vehicle.

Then it snaps into place and you could lock it with your own pad lock.

Canadian Tire Ordered 15,000 units

I even designed a tandem bike lifter




Let me also tell you that without my software,

I never could have done  all of these things.


Click  here and let me show you.


Later I Modified a bicycle  so that I could carry tools

Then Later I designed a helmet that everyone laughed at, and within 5 years everyone else was doing it too.


bike helmet 1 and two with significant improvements and a ccd camera on the back and  a small monitor inside the helmet to see behind me.  I still have not seen anything like this yet.  Society should be leaping in bounds, but I feel they are pretty stagnant.  There is no excuse for this.  There are lots of brilliant people out there.  You just have to find them. And now you found one.  But to be truthful, I do not think I am so brilliant, just different.



The I wanted a bicycle but not just any kind. I broke one of my pro-flex bicycles. and the company gave me a new bike and I wanted to make something  for the suspension of the old bike.  I wanted something really cool.  But like usual , there is none, so I decided to design one like the world has never seen before and I studied what was already out there, and make mine about 50 ort 60 times better. 

Then I created the Urban Assault vehicle.  Really for fun 

 Then Had a frame builder  make it and then I added all the toys. I have a background in Electronics There as no such thing as a fully suspended recumbent, so I decided to make one.  WHY?  Why not!



Later I was told I should name it, so went on web and had a contest  to name my bicycle.  And A dentist in Michigan won the prize.  The Urban Assault vehicle.








My solar Bike

This is the last thing I did last year.  Al Gore  hooked me up with an author who told  me that the future is in the transport of goods from one place to another.  With my own money I created this solar trailer power pack which can extend the range of any small electric vehicle. Now someone has to make it bigger.





I know who to call for what I I get it done fast.

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Now I want to take  my products and  combine it with the best hardware I have ever seen and  change the way we communicate with each other.
 (under construction)

Truly an energy saving device,

we intend to bring back the ease of communication

along with our products.

You will save time

Increase your bottom line

all your people will be on the same page all-the-time

You can customize your solutions

and it  runs....

Full-time, Any-time,  All- the-time


p.s. it works on my bicycle too.




If you could save 100 days of time a year,

what would you do with yours?